Omnipotens Tyrannus

by lake of blood

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released November 5, 2013



all rights reserved


lake of blood Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Blood & Mercy
from the shadow of life, shines the light of death.
sullen eyes have been bled dry.
burned the skin, charred the flesh.
salt and Earth to infect the wound.
sullen eyes have been bled dry, from tears of blood.
sapped of passion, absent in will.
i stalk the night in solitude,
death's clinch beneath my thews.
another lonesome victim,
empty eyes staring toward oblivion.
Track Name: In Wells of Shadow
forged from the shadow of the suns penetrating gaze, drowned in a sea of decay.
i am the desecrator of life, the vile weaver of death.
i dwell where no light shall shine and no lantern shall guide.
no vitality left in my wake, only terror and submission,
and the blood of the frail.
in wells of shadow hearts forged from iniquity and black flame,
all shall cower and weep before my name.
i dwell where no light shall radiate.
i am the desecrator of life, i am the vile weaver of death.
i shall sculpt this world toward my predilect.
toward final irrevocable ruin.
Track Name: Agape
contorted and writhing in misshape and excrement,
infantile innocence swallowed digested through serpentine bowels.
thorn crimson crown hammer falls to nail, peel and mangled sanctified flesh
in symphonic structure to the piercing cries of his son.

created within the waters reflection of altered divinity.
wasted words to empty skies littered with the light that chars hallowed devotion
to be chastised into odious perdition.

i am many serpents coiled beneath my posture.
commanding in ecstatic domination from a throne of knotted limbs.
temples turn to ruins of abrahamic conviction.
stone shattered to pentads, illuminated by candlelight ninefold
to harness the silver radiance of the moon.

we are many, hordes to dominate the cursed soil,
to wander the night immortal.
Track Name: Tyrannus
key to the kingdoms mystery turned to unlock the secrets of such essence.
take the great altar of marbled stone drink from the chalice of emperors.

Fio Deus

we are the kings of kings. whose will is imposed unrepentant to whisper those silent words.
a chorus of gasping breaths pierced by dagger.
a gorge upon the crimson altar.

assassins of disharmony, ravagers of lost souls.
from beyond familiar worldly realms ,we are tyrants casting all who oppose into fire unending.
idols fall and shrines crumble beneath our trudge,
accept servitude to sons of chaos.

my kingdom is hidden in firmament, fog and soot.
a fortress of conviction, and vile cruelty in death and far beyond.
where dusk is welcomed in ritual everlasting, and dawn trembles before these walls.
invoke the black dragons blaze, for he is the tyrant of soil and vivacity, the devourer of radiance.
a carnal being of shapeless worlds.
drink from his chalice and befall kings of kings.

fio tyrranus
command them with flamed spears of supremacy.
Track Name: Omnipotens
earth to rupture and split, to spill its scorching seed.
call forth fire to devour.
call forth wind to strangle.
call forth tides to seize and engulf, drown all life in its ebb and flow.

hail the celestial tides of destruction.
hail the solar winds to drain like parasites.
hail the night sky whose stars scowl toward all corners of the universe.
their grimacing light brings death to distant and adjacent worlds.

conjuring chaos without end
by elemental enchantment, with cathartic intentions supreme.
hooded rider of the skies, keymaster to all worlds, manipulator of fates.
wandering the astral plane,
deconstructing fibers of universal grain.
leading the winged serpent, behemoth rides into the infinite vast void.
his hand channels bombardment and life destroyed.
suns collide in merged power,
behold extinction's final hour.