heed the primal calling

by lake of blood

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released December 31, 2007



all rights reserved


lake of blood Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: (out of darkness) nameless i arise
my body broken i am awaken by the calm,
awakened by the cold of the wind
by this entrancement beckoning to me
nameless i arise
to wander this virgin forest
unclaimed, tarnished not
to be guided by the light of the moon
into the night i travel
my body broken i am entranced by the calm
burdened not, alone i am confronted
this virgin land beckoning to me
the calling within
from whence i came
for who am i
nameless i arise
nameless i wander
Track Name: heed the primal calling
come the crimson sunset
come the creeping darkness
dawning the thirst and hunger
the virgin land calls to me
beyond this mortal weakness
i am overcome by the might of this earth
to dismantle all weakness
becoming the primordial beast
no longer of man
to seize all power and escape the thralldom
for all broken memories now vanish
i breath the virgin air and become as the night
vehement and menacing
the sullen sky echoes a foreign voice
and i will scour these haunting paths
in search for confrontation blood soaked
destiny awaiting
beyond the last glimpse of light
i shall serve this primal, carnal thirst
Track Name: the darkest path
siege laid to my kingdom
i alone will unmake all who besiege
for i have become the night
for i am primal and fearless
the blackest wanderer
untamed in this land
my prey fleeting at first sight
tarnished by the hands of man
pleading eyes scorched from this burning rage
through the darkest night i hunt
down the darkest path i descend
the darkest path of all
from which none shall return
through the path ends existence
past this path the boundaries of life
where the rain falls eternally as cold as my heart
through the mist i tread beyond the pillars of dying woods
to bring forth journeys end
into absolute darkness
into infinite, incomprehensible black
Track Name: lake of blood
on the darkest paths i have wandered
across the sinister woods i have made this journey
returning to the primordial beast lost through ages
i have fallen at the footsteps of mine throne
at the blackest domain
through strength nameless i hath risen
and mine eyes do not deceive
encircled by this virgin land
in this blackest sanctuary i subdue
for no swan song shall be heard
with merciless strength the last breath of life escapes my prey
lifeless and stagnant
as silence sways mine surrounding
i have unmade mine foe
eternal and ever mighty in my kingdom
i shall reign where unto no man shall tarnish
where no foot shall step and no man shall breathe
immersed in the iniquity of my being
to prevail through darkness
alone i have become one
for all eternity to come
in the lake of blood